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About Eleanor

Eleanor Wegg (1905-1979) was a proud teacher, poet and enthusiastic graduate of the University of Michigan, class of 1929, one of only a handful of women attending the University.  She self-published many poetry and haiku books at a time when the practice was completely unknown, yet she had the tenacity to persevere.


She was a teacher when married women could not disclose this fact and she was ultimately fired when she became pregnant.  She was an incredibly independent woman who turned to her first love, writing, where she found happiness.  At the same time, she was completely devoted to her grandchildren and helped rear them. There have been 4 generations of women, starting with Eleanor, who have attended the University of Michigan.


One of the highlights of her life was attending her 50-year Emeritus Club reunion at the University of Michigan. Her books were published under her married name, Eleanor DiGiulio

The Deadline is on January 1st, 2023. See about scholarship for more information.

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